KJV 400 in the News

The global phenomenon that will never be lost in translation (23/11/2010)
Like the Tower of London and its attendant ravens, the Authorised Version of The Bible stands as a monument at the heart of the English-speaking world. We may not often look inside, but we are glad it is there. Like the Tower too, Americans seem particularly keen on it, and we speak reverently of its ageless magnificence while remaining vague on the detail.
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More than half of young people have never heard of the King James Bible (23/11/2010)
More than half of younger people have never heard of the King James Bible, a survey shows. Fifty-one per cent of under-35s did not know what the Authorised Version was, compared with 28 per cent of over-55s.
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How the King James Bible shaped the English language (21/11/2010)
The King James Bible turns 400 next year, and even in multicultural, secular modern Britain its influence is still profound
Full story at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/nov/21/king-james-bible-english-language